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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

-Albert Einstein

Growing up, my family was very big on nicknames. My birth name is Eve, and although it's quite short I have at least five nicknames. The one that I like best, and that has stuck even until now is Evie Peeve. As a kid and teen, I was definitely what you would call a creative, expressive, and carefree kid.

It wasn't until I reached high school, that I began to slowly hide and suffocate my sense of self and self expression. Creativity and uniqueness weren't qualities that were celebrated among my peers, so I became a wallflower. Although I am far from being a wallflower now that I am in my 30s, I still long to reconnect with the carefree and creative person that I use to be.

Being able to create and curate accessories has been incredibly freeing and calming for me. It has been truly therapeutic and has allowed for me to be that fun-loving kid again while bringing back the passion and excitement of self expression through creativity.

My hope is that Evie Peeve will inspire and uplift you, while encouraging you to share your creativity through authentic self expression.

Love always,

Evie Peeve