Evie Peeve - Be an Ambassador

Evie Peeve is centered in inclusivity, self-love, respect, compassion, authenticity, and individuality. If you are a brand ambassador, Youtuber, or social media influencer who shares in these beliefs, we would love to partner with you in sharing Evie Peeve with your social media audience.

Please note that at this time we are only working with social media ambassadors on a bartering basis, whereby we provide Evie Peeve merchandise to you free of charge based on your fashion style, in exchange for you to share genuine images and/or videos wearing and/or talking about Evie Peeve.


Here are some things that we look for when deciding on if we're a good match:

  • Do you have an engaged audience of supporters? (averaging about 10+ authentic comments per post) 
  • Do you have a sizeable audience? (500+ is ideal)
  • You are in agreement with tagging @Evie_Peeve #eviepeeve on all posted images when wearing Evie Peeve.
  • Your overall social media presence is positive, uplifting, and authentic.


If these points fit your social profile and you are interested in being an ambassador for Evie Peeve, please connect with us using the contact form, below.